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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Unexpected Snowing

Many of us here think it's spring season now and have never expect such a heavy fall of snow in the late morning today. For the past 6 years, I've noticed that winter season in this country ended earlier each subsequent year, probably due to global warming? It was normal weather changes if this happens in 2003, but nowadays, it's rarely happen to snow again at this time.

When I was discussing some X-ray films with my groupmates in the ward of traumatology department, snow fall out of sudden giving a surprise to everyone here. Some of us love it, while some worry about the way back to hostel as they didn't bring snow cap with them. In fact, it is quite a far distance from our hostel to this hospital, estimated about 1 hour by taking bus. And we've to bear with this for 2 weeks.

Some words about this hospital... personally, I don't think we can grab to learn much here because its condition is just... terrible. Well, can't expect much as it's kinda a rural area, and therefore the facilities and equipments are not as good as those in the regional hospital. The general condition of this hospital is even worse than what I'd expected before the cycle. Many casualties are hospitalized here because of the newly-built surgical department in the vicinity of hospital area. Overcrowded population, frequent blackout, unrestricted rules and patients' hygienic status making its quality highly doubted. I'll give the most 2 pts out of 10 pts of which 10 is the best.

Back to main topic =P yeah, here are some quick snaps to share with you all ^^

Window view, pic taken 5 minutes after 'discovery' of snowing.

Heavy snow after the class -- taken an hour after the previous pic.

ha! they are my groupmates =p all tried to hide under the only available umbrella, taken while waiting for the bus.

On the way for lunch! however, not all of us joined this, the rest back to hostel. Guess how many of my groupmates have just walked through here? =p

Looks like back to winter again! nice scenery around ^^

Temperature today is about 5-7 C, just nice for me =D


tiborsho said...

elow.. nice meeting you also.. ^^

elmo said...

^^ wow..snow..snow..
i really want to feel the snow..
poor umbrella.. hihihi

iCalvyn said...

i always admire those able to enjoy then snowing place... i never visit before :(

siawyi said...

i never experience any snow yet ,only taifong i been through,haha.Those white snow must be beautiful..

johnnykiu.com said...

It is so sudden!

coolingstar9 said...

I have not seen real snow before, hope one day i can see it.
Have a nice day.

Sue Ling said...

mmm... I like the scenery in the last pic too. Would looked better if it snowed heavier but that would mean that it would be colder.. haha

BlueStar said...

thanks all for posting your comments, it's really much appreciated =D
Ya, to those who has never experience the snowing moment, i believe you'll have your wish come true one day! =)
To me, it's no more something new, since I've seen this for past 6 years in my life here in this country. well, no doubts it looks beautiful and nice, and i like it also because snowing will make the ground easier to walk, provide more grips on icy floor. But one thing irritating is when it's windy, the snow will smack on your face >.< Not only painful but also causing you hard to see and breathe...
Today, temperature drops abrutly from 7 C to -2 C early morning. I've this feeling that winter is returning back...