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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Psychiatry Cycle

I've 2nd part of psychiatry cycle this week. Although at first this subject looks kinda boring, but some facts about which I've studied so far are really interesting. It is not easy to understand thoroughly the mechanism of mental disorders in human. It is so complex that it involves various fields such as neuroscience, medicine, biology, pharmacology, biochemistry and psychology.

Yesterday I've a chance to meet and interview with mentally-ill patient. Well, he was able to answer some questions normally, while others I've no idea what was he crapping about. I doubt whether if he understood what I'd asked, and seriously I've no clue which answers he gave were correct or maybe he was just bullshitting all the time?

Today we'd a movie clip section about this lady who was sent to hospital due to unexplained episodic seizures. When you see this clip for the first time, you might lol all the way at her behaviour, but once you understand her background and past history, you'll know how much sufferings she'd gone through these while. This world is cruel. she was 29 years old in year 2000. Before this, she was a normal person just like us. After an incidence (failure in relationship with her husband and family, peer pressures, financial difficulties, problem with her studies and baby...etc), she got some degrees of neurosis which she couldn't control it at all. This great impact had destroyed her normal social life as well as her future and everytime when psychiatrist asked her about this point in her past history (this is normal procedure of history-taking before an appropiate treatment can be given), she went in an uncontrolled state of seizures, failing to the ground, crying, shouting, yelling, muscle spasms and weird unsteady gaits. She was then returned to normal after few minutes. But again went into this state once she recalled that incidence.

I would say it's not uncommmon to meet such cases here in Russia. This is probably just a tip of an iceberg and I would say that this lady was lucky to be able to receive treatment after which her condition improved. Everytime when I walked into patients' ward at this department, I see these mentally disordered patients wandering along the corridor without direction and motive...ya, just aimless... you'll never know what they wanted to do next...few same question always appear in my mind - What are they waiting for? how's their future? do they know where are they now? do they know what's going on in their life?? I doubt they can give you even a single appropiate answer...

Some patients have positive result from the treatments given, and they are most probably able to return to normal life. But some patients are just hopeless I'd say, like the one I met past few weeks who is a Down syndrome patient, he is still a young teenager but probably gonna spend his whole life here... doing nothing at all, but eating and hiding all the time in his bed.

Being a nurse or physician here in this department is definitely not an easy job. I admit that I don't have such a great patience and persistence to deal with these patients. I really salute and respect those colleagues who have been serving here for many years. Without great loves, persistence and patience, one just can't take it and serve well in this field.

Finally I just wanna say that we should be grateful for who we are. Be thankful for what we've in our life. If we've a chance to read over the life-story of each and every single person in this world, it's not difficult to find out that we 're actually few lucky and the blessed one, of the billions ppl out there.

God Bless All! Have a nice day! ^^


Yun's World said...

This few while i was searching for all this kind of information about mental disordality problems...
I really wonder is there any cure for it? I met a few when i went to have voluntary work last year.. indeed i feel pity to them.. but there is nothing can be done... try to post more info. for this... I think it really helps for those who don't treasure their life..
Good info.

Lynnwei said...

u said her husband...it's not llike tat..the guy didnt want to marry her! she din have any husband!

it's a scary video...make me realised how much she need the love of God!!

Sherry said...

pls check out as I make a link :) I hope that's call exchange link.

BlueStar said...

Hi yun! thanks for the comments and suggestion. As this week it is psychiatry cycle, I'll try to share useful info about treatment =) keep tune with latest post ^^

Hi Lynnwei! ya I'm well acknowledged that she was actually still single. I used the word 'husband' coz the guy supposed to marry her but ended up losing his promise due to various factors. And she was pregnant that time! how pity was she juz imagine her bf left her, family chased her out, friends kept away frm her at this critical time...she was alone with her baby without financial and spirit support... all of these contribute to who is she now -- a neurotic patient.
I hope she is fine now although no recent news about this lady =)

ya thanks for comments all, I hope we do learn something from this real case-story.

cya around~ have a blessed day! ^^


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