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Thursday, 10 January 2008

My LINK!!!!

HI ALL!!! Here is the new home for all my links in MyLink1 friends! In order to make my blog looks better,tidy and nicer as well as easier for visitors to enjoy the moment of reading, I've decided to move my links here! It's just a step of parts of my blog's changing.

I'll regroup all bloggers' friends into categories sooner later. And I'll add a special corner in my main page.

Remember to check your link to make sure it is correct, especially to those whom we've just done link exchange. If there's any mistake for the link, just leave me a message here and I'll correct it as soon as possible. Thank You!

*If you can't find your link here after link exchange, check MyLink2 ! =)



    Chummy said...

    hey there friend, please update my link to ur blogger roll from chummybeans.blogspot.com to chummysbeans.blogspot.com thats with an S. hehehe...tnx..happy blogging

    Euroangel said...

    how are you friend??visiting here again...please add my other blogs...
    added you there already!!! let me know if you're done adding..
    thanks a lot...have a great day!!
    Please under the name EUROANGEL plus Blog title much better..

    http://www.euroangelsgermany.com/Euroangel's Exploring Germany
    http://www.myeuroangel.com/ Travel and Discover USA
    http://bloggirl08.blogspot.com/ Blog Connections

    http://www.webbloggirl.com Go Travel and See the World
    http://www.theeuroblog.com Health Nutrition and My Kitchen
    http://www.eurostarsblog.com Nature's Beauty and My Garden