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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Stability Restored =)

Internet connection problem that bring severe instability for few days to my hostel community is stabilized finally. The core problem causing this after several investigations was from a notebook of one of the network user here. This notebook, according to technician, kept sending bad package of data into local area network for past few days and the related IP is now temporarily blocked for further solution. The user however doesnt know what's wrong with his notebook and has no idea why these bad datas kept sending into LAN even he switches off his notebook... weird?? virus? doesnt seem like.. but no conclusion yet for this...

Whoo...! it is just so nice to have a stable connection =) Today I've bought my very first Switch (usually ppl call it Hub) to replace the one I borrow from friend. D-link brand and it has 8 ports 10/100Mbps NWay auto-MDI ports with maximum packet filtering and forwarding rate. It costs nearly Rm 100, which I think is a bit expensive if compared to the price in Lowyat Plaza (of coz no doubt!) now I can connect another laptop to the network easily =D

Another good thing about this Des-1008 is there's a set of mounting instruments which allows you to mount it on the wall for better visual control of network signalling by LED.

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