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Sunday, 27 January 2008


Wow! It's holiday finally! ya, yesterday was the day last of this semester. The exam lasts for 5 hours and i was so tired after that (coz didnt sleep for whole night. Anyway, it's over and now it's time to make a proper plan for my winter trip to Germany. I've just got my visa today in OVIR department and met quite few of my friends there. Most of them are going to Europe for winter break.

It seems like I've disappeared from here for quite some time hehe =p too busy recently with my preparation for exam. And for the next week, i'll not be around here, and most probably cant update my recent news here as i'll be in Germany and some other nearby places, unless i stop by CC there. But, i'll share with you all about this trip for sure! it's planned by one of my friends and we're actually doing backpacking this time. Im going to snap as many pic as possible using my new digicam which can save up to 3000 pic =)

Have a nice winter holiday to all my coursemate here!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


It is actually an abbreviation for Ear, Nose and Throat or Otorhinolaryngology in medical term ^^ It studies about anatomy and physiology of the nose, pharynx, larynx and ear together with the problems of propedeutics, development, diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of ENT diseases.

Ya, it is the my last final exam for this semester. 3 more days for preparation and it seems like I'm a bit slow in my revision. This exam is somehow different from the previous one as it's gonna be face-to-face presentation of the answers. It has 3 parts, which mean 3 Questions. All questions have to be answered orally and it depends largely on how well you can ellaborate and bring out the correct answers. I heard from my seniors that if someone can perform well in the first 2 Questions, the third one is bonus (u got + without answering that Q). But, if he/she cant do well, additional questions will be asked! well, hope that I can get easy questions for part I and II and skip the 3rd one =P

I can see that people around me are so stressful. They look tired, dull, full of anxiety, restlessness... So i ask myself, do i feel stress? hmm...i dont really know...but i dont feel so, I dont know why but normally I dont feel any stress until a day before exam. Some might think that this is good ya =P Anyway, without stress, there's lack of force to drive you further and faster...I've such experience in biochemistry exam few years back in which i'd spent up to 2 weeks to finish the whole book, but A DAY to repeat everything from head to toe. yeah, it was exam eve, the only moment that i really feel the stress.

Do pray for me so that I can do well in this exam =)
All the best to my fellow coursemates in your preparation! Gambate!

Sunday, 20 January 2008


Have you ever heard of aromatherapy? I've made some projects on this topic few times and I'd like to share with you all here, as it is especially useful during the exam period, it'l help you in the way that you'd never know! =) Maybe it's still kinda new term in Malaysia but it's quite popular over here. Aroma means odorant, smell, or fragrance while therapy is the attempted remediation. It can be defined as an art of using essential oils of plants and flowers to promote healing of the body and the mind.

These essential oils are natural plant extracts which give the plant its vitality and health. These oils contain the ingredients that nourish, energize, defend and regenerate the plant. When the pure oils are extracted from parts of the plants (leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds or roots), they still possess these active ingredients. The essential oils are also aromatic in nature and this is in part responsible for the healing. The body and mind are healed safely and naturally and actually take part in the healing process with no side effects. Pure oils are extracted from particular varieties of plants which are grown especially for this purpose. Not all plants and species contain essential oils and some plants contain more than one. If this is the case, the oils from that one plant will contain common properties as well as some individual properties.
Each plant has unique characteristics and its own molecular make up giving the different fragrances of each essential oil. The plants used in Aromatherapy have been cultivated over many years and contain billions of active cells, some producing oil. The plants are carefully harvested and the oil is extracted and nothing else is added to it.
Maybe someone will think that essential oil is equal to fragrant oils, actually they are totally different. The latter has synthetic substances added to it and is only for pleasant smells. Essential oils are potent and powerful, having many therapeutic properties. They are antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, sedative and stimulating. They should also not be taken internally.

ya, Im sure you want to know how does it work rite?...
They have an immediate impact on our sense of smell, also known as "olfaction". When essential oils are inhaled, olfactory receptor cells are stimulated and the impulse is transmitted to the emotional center of the brain, or "limbic system".
The limbic system is connected to areas of the brain linked to memory, breathing, and blood circulation, as well as the endocrine glands which regulate hormone levels in the body. The properties of the oil, the fragrance and its effects, determine stimulation of these systems.
When used in massage, essential oils are not only inhaled, but absorbed through the skin as well. They penetrate the tissues and find their way into the bloodstream where they are transported to the organs and systems of the body.
Essential oils have differing rates of absorption, generally between 20 minutes and 2 hours, so it is probably best not to bathe or shower directly following a massage to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Once you start to use it, you'l notice the benefits that it brings. There are many ways to use your essential oils - as treatments, in your beauty regime, when under stress, insomnia, to help studying teenagers, like me =P or to uplift and seduce. Aromatherapy is a way of taking charge of your vitality and well-being.

All essential oils are divided into 3 types for ease of use. These are…
Top notes - which are more volatile and evaporate quickly. They are uplifting , light, refreshing, clearing and emotionally stimulating. The top notes are Basil, lemongrass, bergamot, mandarin, clary sage, orange (sweet), eucalyptus, palmarosa, fennel, peppermint, ginger, petitgrain, grapefruit, rosewood, lemon, tea tree oil.
Middle notes - are a medium evaporation. These oils are emotionally balanced, fragrant and harmonizing. They include black pepper, marjoram, chamomile (German), myrtle, clove bud, neroli, cypress pine, geranium, rose, juniper, rosemary, lavender, ylang ylang. And..
The base notes - are the least volatile. They are heavy, sedating, calming and grounding. They include cedarwood, frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver.

For myself, I've tried 2 types of essential oils - Jasmine and Lavender. Jasmine essential oil has antidepressant effect ( of coz it doesnt mean tat i've depression =P ) It's particularly useful in case of anxiety and stress (during exam period). Lavender essential oil acts as midly analgesics and antiseptics. It can be used to reduce headache, treat wounds, bruises, acne, calming insomnia, etc. There are many other types of essential oils with various effects. I'll try rosemary oil next time as it's useful for physical and mental fatigue and forgetfulness =)

If you want to try it out, you must have first to buy aroma lamps or diffusers. There're many kinds of them but actually they're all having the same function. Here is the one I bought in spring last year.

Look nice rite? =p

Another view =)

About the price of essential oils... they are kinda expensive especially the pure one, due to the methods used to extract the oil are time consuming and expensive and require a high degree of expertise. Given that it takes in excess of 220 pounds ( nearly 100kg!) of rose petals to produce only 4 or 5 teaspoonfuls of oil, it is a process probably best left to professionals! Though expensive, I'd still recommend to buy pure ones as they are highly effective - only a few drops at a time are required to achieve the desired effect. Some oils will be more expensive than others but be weary if they are too cheap - the quality may be compromised!

Here are things that you should know well before using essential oils...
· Essential oils should not be taken internally
· They are best stored away from light and heat.
· They can be combined and still keep their individual properties.
· They are best used in carrier oils such as avocado, jojoba or apricot kernal oil, or creams which are not made from animal or mineral sources.
· Do not use the oils directly on the skin unless that type of treatment has been recommended by a therapist
· Be careful using the oils while pregnant
· Do not use on babies less than 2 weeks old and only one drop of lavender for children 2 weeks to 4 months old. At 4 months of age to 12 years use a quarter of adult dosages.
· Use with care on the elderly - use very little essential oil and seek advice from a qualified aroma-therapist.
· Do not use animal products or mineral products (sorbolene) .
· Do not use near eyes.
· Do not use more than recommended doses.
· Always use your conventional medicine if prescribed. Aromatherapy is not a replacement for your recommended treatment.

In my opinion, it's worth to give a try if you never use it before, as they dont bring any side effects. You can choose the oils by looking at their different qualities, main functions and their tradisional uses or just anyone that you feel comfortable with its smell...my first oil was chosen based on its scent =p

A healthy body and soul come from an unencumbered mind and body. ~Quoted~

Saturday, 19 January 2008

it's a Silent night...

A silly thought always appears in my mind recently. IF a man doesnt need to rest 24/7, he could just have enough time to do all the things he wanted to do...well, Just a thought this would however, never happen.

It's 3.49am at this moment, I'm having a small break before continue my last strike of revision for Peadiatrics final exam, which is 6 hours later. Make a hot refreshing tea and eating some biscuits while waiting for my brain neurotransmitters to regenerate before I can continue. Actually, I dun feel sleepy at all, Im alert and fully awake, but my eyes and body are getting tired and exhausted with passage of each hour of time. Another 5+ hours to go, I think I'll just go to the stake over it, to cover as much as possible all the topics.

I just hope that I've 48 hours per day, or more.. or maybe like the thought above, endless energy to do countless things that yet to be done. Let's say if a man needs 8-9 hours of sleep every day (well, it's standard sleeping hours according to various studies) and it will be... 2920 hours a year. So, If he lives up to 75 years old, guess how much time he'd spent in his life for sleeping? yup, it's 25 years! 25 years of sleeping in your life!! ..hard to believe ya.. =p

Anyway dont get me wrong, I like to sleep a lot actually, but just life circumstances sometimes dun allow me to have such a sweet time.....But, still..again when you think a moment the calculation above, sleep is such a waste of time.. Imagine all the things you could do in that 25 years of time. Hmm...hehe.. contradiction! >.<

It is so quiet here, kinda hard to differentiate the low frequency noise produced by my computer and the surrounding sounds.. or maybe it's just a tinnitus?
Well, teatime is over, it's time back to revision.
All the best to my fellow groupmates, batch-mates, and all those who are taking exam today, God's favor upon you!

...Midnight oil continues to burn...

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Stability Restored =)

Internet connection problem that bring severe instability for few days to my hostel community is stabilized finally. The core problem causing this after several investigations was from a notebook of one of the network user here. This notebook, according to technician, kept sending bad package of data into local area network for past few days and the related IP is now temporarily blocked for further solution. The user however doesnt know what's wrong with his notebook and has no idea why these bad datas kept sending into LAN even he switches off his notebook... weird?? virus? doesnt seem like.. but no conclusion yet for this...

Whoo...! it is just so nice to have a stable connection =) Today I've bought my very first Switch (usually ppl call it Hub) to replace the one I borrow from friend. D-link brand and it has 8 ports 10/100Mbps NWay auto-MDI ports with maximum packet filtering and forwarding rate. It costs nearly Rm 100, which I think is a bit expensive if compared to the price in Lowyat Plaza (of coz no doubt!) now I can connect another laptop to the network easily =D

Another good thing about this Des-1008 is there's a set of mounting instruments which allows you to mount it on the wall for better visual control of network signalling by LED.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

These days juz make me sick....

First of all, Internet is personally important to me. All these while, I was hoping for an incredibly high-speed internet connection with super cheap price. Ya, it is still a dream, thing just goes on contrarily.

Internet here is really making me sick recently. The connection is so diseased that it becomes so unstable from morning till this late evening. It appears on and off intermittently, and sometimes it comes to the worst situation that you cant even open a single webpage!

I think I'm patient enough to call the ISP to check over and over again for this problem everytime. I've been calling them since last friday night and till now I've made over 15 calls. Well, they did tried to repair it and to make it constantly stable, but good things just wont last long, it goes wrong again at that night itself! Today Im really pissed off when I notice that it again back to that horribly unstable state. I tried to ping main server IP and guess what...

First 3 times I received 'Reply from 1xx.1xx.x.1;bytes=32 time=5ms TTL=128'......
following 2 times I got ' Request timed out'......
And then I received 'Reply from 1xx.1xx.x.1;bytes=32 time=5ms TTL=128' subsequently,
and again 'Request timed out' for another 3 times....wtf..

Well, I couldnt do anything but call this internet guy ( a server technician actually) to tell him that internet is down again. To my surprise, this guy shouted in the call as if he doesnt believe this happens again. He then promised to come to my hostel and check the connection system here. Too bad, I wasnt able to meet him at the time he came this evening as I've something else to do outside. When I came back, connection was fine and stable, I was so happy to see this and felt thankful to this guy for his effort. At the same time, I also feel worry it might goes wrongly again...

Unfortunely...again it comes back to comatosed state at this moment as I'm writing this. My mind is blank, Im really tired and headache for this same recurring problem. I should have to use this time to prepare for my coming final exam but instead, I messed with unplugging all the cables, shut down all unused programmes, restarting my computer, set everything back appropiately and reping the IP....yet getting the same result... pissed off!!

Be patient... this test my patience indeed.. well, nothing else can be done except to make another call again tomorrow morning and I really pray that this would be my last call for this problem.

What a #%@& weekend!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Talk too much?!

Wanna share here an interesting fact I read from somewhere talking about the amount of words you're spoken daily. Ask yourself how many words do you speak in a day?

A study says that in an average middle-class household, 1000-1500 words are spoken daily--wat a mouthful!! Why not give your mouth a rest? Vocal Focus voice studios in New York advises several ways to rest your tongue in order to minimize vocal stress, as follow:

  1. In front of a mirror, stick out your tongue but keep it relaxed. Using a low voice, say ''ah''. Change to a higher pitch while doing this.
  2. Wag the tongue gently, without much force, from side to side, while your siren impersonation.

It is a small little tip which I think is useful for most of ppl out there who are talkative =p Stay young and keep healthy! ^^

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Last Day!!

Yeah! Today is the last day of this semester!
Happy? yeah sure! coz tomorrow and days to come--holidays! Actually d semester supposed to end tomorrow but since we've dealt with our surgery teacher 'privately and confidentially' so we've today 2 topics combined and therefore earlier holidays than all others. =)
Hmm.. worry? >.< well, it is... no doubts, final exam is just round d corner. Few more days to prepare for it. It's time to get started! Hope tat I do have enough time to make a good preparation and do well in this exam.
And same wishes to all my groupmates and friends here around me, Happy holiday and studysmart ( instead of studyhard ;p)! Gambate for coming exam!
All d best n God bless!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

My LINK!!!!

HI ALL!!! Here is the new home for all my links in MyLink1 friends! In order to make my blog looks better,tidy and nicer as well as easier for visitors to enjoy the moment of reading, I've decided to move my links here! It's just a step of parts of my blog's changing.

I'll regroup all bloggers' friends into categories sooner later. And I'll add a special corner in my main page.

Remember to check your link to make sure it is correct, especially to those whom we've just done link exchange. If there's any mistake for the link, just leave me a message here and I'll correct it as soon as possible. Thank You!

*If you can't find your link here after link exchange, check MyLink2 ! =)


  • Wednesday, 9 January 2008


    HI ALL!!! Here is the new home for all my links in MyLink2 friends! In order to make my blog looks better,tidy and nicer as well as easier for visitors to enjoy the moment of reading, I've decided to move my links here! It's just a step of parts of my blog's changing.

    I'll regroup all bloggers' friends into categories sooner later. And I'll add a special corner in my main page.

    Remember to check your link to make sure it is correct, especially to those whom we've just done link exchange. If there's any mistake for the link, just leave me a message here and I'll correct it as soon as possible. Thank You!

    *Check out MyLink1 if you can't find your link here! =)

    Tuesday, 1 January 2008

    Let's welcome a new year -- 2008

    Ya, it's 2008 at this moment and I would like to greet all of you happy new year and may God' blessing of peace, love, joy & good health be with you toward this year!
    It is a cold night here, outside temperature is -11 C, but I feel d warmth from ppl around me. We all came out from our room and greet one another. And some of our Sri-Lanka and Indian students here have their party overnight in the floor lobby hall. I can hear random sound of fireworks all over this city...it is just like the scene i experienced long time ago during my childhood life..i miss home..
    New year New start New plans... and New look for one of my friends surprisingly shave off his long hair which he kept for years.
    Happy 2008!!