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Tuesday, 22 January 2008


It is actually an abbreviation for Ear, Nose and Throat or Otorhinolaryngology in medical term ^^ It studies about anatomy and physiology of the nose, pharynx, larynx and ear together with the problems of propedeutics, development, diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of ENT diseases.

Ya, it is the my last final exam for this semester. 3 more days for preparation and it seems like I'm a bit slow in my revision. This exam is somehow different from the previous one as it's gonna be face-to-face presentation of the answers. It has 3 parts, which mean 3 Questions. All questions have to be answered orally and it depends largely on how well you can ellaborate and bring out the correct answers. I heard from my seniors that if someone can perform well in the first 2 Questions, the third one is bonus (u got + without answering that Q). But, if he/she cant do well, additional questions will be asked! well, hope that I can get easy questions for part I and II and skip the 3rd one =P

I can see that people around me are so stressful. They look tired, dull, full of anxiety, restlessness... So i ask myself, do i feel stress? hmm...i dont really know...but i dont feel so, I dont know why but normally I dont feel any stress until a day before exam. Some might think that this is good ya =P Anyway, without stress, there's lack of force to drive you further and faster...I've such experience in biochemistry exam few years back in which i'd spent up to 2 weeks to finish the whole book, but A DAY to repeat everything from head to toe. yeah, it was exam eve, the only moment that i really feel the stress.

Do pray for me so that I can do well in this exam =)
All the best to my fellow coursemates in your preparation! Gambate!


Lynnwei said...

aha..coz u got the peace of God in u!


SillY said...

God bless ya...and give ya a good luck charm..=P..
All in the best in exam..Still got 3 days to ur exam. U're smart! Sure u can do it.



Ik said...

yo yo yo
good luck in ur ENT exam!

BlueStar said...

Thanks all ^^
Same to lynnwei and teo, just dun be stress, stress one day enuf d =P hehe

Librainy said...

hey i'm ambrose and i saw ur msg on friendster... yeah i like blogging and it's nice to know you like blogging too! well good luck in ur exams... my blog's http://a-simple-fairytale.blogspot.com... but it maybe to emo-ed to ur liking... haha...