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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Another renovation...

Argh...just hate to know something gonna happen to my room again. I'm staying in this old students' hostel for years. Recently, there's a series of renovations carried out from room to room thoroughly and blackout happened so many times in past few weeks until this week when it finally get stabilised. Before I can enjoy this happy moment, another renovation is carried out! well, it is also not about something good, but installation of new eletrical cable. Ya, it sounds good, but I dont feel that way as I know how they're going to do it.
We, residents of 9th floor are the first batch of such 'project' and we're asked to shift all our belongings away from the wall because they're going to drill a drain in the wall to put the new cable inside. This is crazy! My room is packed and full of stuff (it's 3-ppl room but large enough to accomodate only 2 persons), no way for me to move all things from the wall unless to bring them out from my room.
It is just a very bad idea to drill the wall for cable installation, as it will not only destroy wall paper but also make the room stufft and dusty. For this matter we'd a discussion with hostel dean and gave our opinion to fix the new electric cable On the wall (covered with palstic pipe) instead of In the wall (in drilled drain), this is obviously easy, less time-consuming, energy and manpower save, and most importantis bringing less affection to our normal students' life here. But they insist to go on their way, which I really can't see any good reason they're doing so except maybe... save up a little penny on plastic or pvp cable pipe? >.<
The worst thing is we've no idea how long it will take to finish the whole installation. Every installation of each single unit requires shutdown of power supply of the whole floor and just imagine, there're 10 units in each floor...1 unit a day = 10 days no power supply... WTH can you do within this time?! However, thank God for what they've promised to resume electricity at night.
Well, today is the first day of this 'big project', I've taken few pic of each room and will share with you all the changes of before-and-after the installation.
5th hostel ppl are lucky no renovation is needed since it is a new building, I think i'll spend more time there now rather than going back own room doing nothing in the dark =(


eddy said...

yeah, lucky me^^ but damn internet here is very expensive here, that's the thing you're luckier than me

BlueStar said...

Agreed, Internet here cheap but speed and consistency are bad... i rather have expensive bit and high speed.