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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Celebration

Hi all! Happy Easter All! What are you guys doing in this day? any special celebration?

well, for me I've joined this special easter celebration in 4th hostel cell group. A small, simple and meaningful gathering of multi-racial students from Malaysia, SriLanka, Ghana, Africa, Nigeria, and India. Besides sharing about the real meaning of this Easter Day, we'd section of ice-breaking to introduce each other since most of them are newcomers to this cell-group, including me hehe, my first time here! ^^

It was then followed by series of brain-storming games and creative art drawing of easter's eggs! well, drawing made on an egg is not that easy by the way if you've tried it before. These self-designed easters eggs were then used as gift-exchange as a wish to each others =)

We'd also been served with various delicous finger-licking snacks and cakes. I like the most cheesecakes with fruit-topping, just delicious! (too bad i didnt take a snap on them..) Here is a snapshot of this spagetti which I think is very special, look at its layers and colour...I would call it as 3-layered spagetti =D

Although it wasn't a big celebration like past few years, but i think it was a nice and cool ones, especially celebrating this meaningful day with people from different backgrounds and countries =D

~~ Happy Easter Day to All! ~~


Aleckii said...

Oh my... look at your blogroll... BURSTING FULL, haha!

Happy Easter, we had a little party too here in 5th hostel.

JesieBlogJourney said...

Hmm, I used to practice ice-breaking when I was in Msia too.

Happy Easter.