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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Rules of FOUR

This tagg is given to me by my friend in blogging Noel. Thanks a lot buddy, i really appreciate it! ^^

RULES OF FOUR Here It is...
4 jobs I have had:A promoter, A seller, a student and and a tuition teacher.

4 movies I watched over and over:Die Hard, Rush Hour, Kung Fu, Hitman

4 shows I watch: Superman, Cartoon Network, Black sheep, Guess

4 places I have been: Berlin, Prague, Dubai, Moscow ( there're more for all i believe =p )

4 people who email me: Game alerts, forum alerts, Google groups & of coz my dear friends...=)

4 favorite things to eat: Sushi, MacDonalds, Pizza & Jelly

4 places I would rather be: Wellington, Berlin, Borneo , sydney

4 things I look forward to this year: good result in my studies , More Blessings to come, Healthy Body & mind, and Success in all my plans!

Now Im tagging lynnwei, EddySu, umdenosdois, Johnny, Ik, liza, A Blessed Life, Abby, +*+ julia +*+, hannah, curryegg, ester, Green Bali, and sexymom.


My Daily Thoughts said...

Hi, I've dont his award more than once.. Anyway thank you so much for including me...I really appreciate that

Lynnwei said...

yay! i'm tagged!! k..k..got to remind me to do it, k!! hahaha!

Liza said...

thanks for thinking of me on this tag blue, i really appreciate it but i have done this already. till next tag na lang ;)

take care.

curryegg said...

Thank for the tag... and...
Nice to meet you here ;D

priscocam said...

Hi,thanks for choosing Borneo as one of the places you'd rather be.I'd stayed there before and yes,it's beautiful.It's like a magical paradise unknown to many people.
BTW, i wanna tell you how i appreciated it that you added me and had visited me in my site.Great!Goodluck to all your endeavors!