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Thursday, 27 March 2008

I'm Sick...

I'm not feeling well these few days. Started from 2 days ago, I've this feeling that I gonna sick soon. Mild sore-throat and coughing are always 2 main symptoms before I fall sick. I hate sore-throat, it is so irritating that causes you not only hard to speak, but also difficult to eat and drink. I still remember that kind of burning, excruciating pain in the throat. I know this from past experience, and therefore without any hesitation I took 4 tablets of Vit.C supplement that day. As predicted, these symptoms alleviated next morning, and totally subsided on that day itself.

Thought that it was over, but when I wake up yesterday morning, other few symptoms came. I've suffered from nasal obstruction, sneezing and slightly dizziness. I didn't really care of it as I was rushing for psychiatry class. In the class, watery nasal secretion making me hard to pay full attention. Just right after case-history section with patient, my eyes felt so irritated when I looked at the sunlight reflected through the window. I couldn't control tears from running down, omg...I felt so uncomfortable with these lacrimation and epiphora. [Photophobia]

The symptoms worsen last night and I experienced heaviness of the head and eyes, fatigue and loss to concentration to do anything includes updating my blog and preparing for credit-test of psychiatry tomorrow. I knew it won't come out with something good if I tried and forced myself to finish all these works in this situation. So, right after my care-history assignment was done, I quickly jumped into my bed. Nasal obstruction just made me so hard to breathe and it became better only after application of decongestant ointment.

Today, I'm still suffering from all these symptoms, but a little bit better than yesterday. Photophobia still killing my eyes and sneezing is just terrible. Thank God that I passed my credit-test smoothly, even without any preparation! I was so scared of oral part, which I've to answer the questions given right on the spot. Ah! everything is over now! Just feel nice.. =)

All these while I continue to take vitamin supplements, especially Vit.C. It really helps a lot in fast recovery if you're experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms. And it prevents sore-throat effectively, 100% proven as I've this experience in past 5 years. But do remember to take it once you feel something wrong with your throat, before the pain appears.

Well, here is what I've concluded to have better and clearer view of this illness:

Symptoms: Nasal Obstruction, Feeling of dryness in the throat, sneezing, watery nasal secretion, epiphora (watery of the eyes, caused by photophobia), slight rhinolalia clause (abnormal speech attributable to nasal obstruction), dizziness, slight headache, fatigue.

Self-diagnosis - Rhinitis (Should be of viral origin - rhinovirus most probably)

Treatment - In my opinion, bed rest and vitamin supplements are the best treatment. Other methods consist of symptomatic treatment includes decongestant nasal drops to temporarily relieve unpleasant feeling.
Some people might use antibiotics at the very beginning of the illness, in order to get rid of all symptoms. Actually, this is not a smart way to do. You should give time to let your body to produce enough immunity to resolve it. This is the most natural and healthy way to deal with disease. However, it doesn't apply to all the cases, especially if you've fever, urgent seeking for doctor is the best way. In this case, Antibiotics are given only when there's secondary bacterial infection.

In normal course, it should be recovered within 1 week. But I believe it takes shorter course for me =D
I'm not sure about others, but every year I fall sick 2 times since I stay in this country 5 years ago. It happens in between season changes - from autumn to Winter ; from winter to spring. Most probably due to great fluctuation of temperature, low air humidity, strong cold wind and other factors which lead to decreased immune system of body. It seems hardly for me to avoid it, unless staying all the time at hostel without going out but that's impossible.

Take care everyone, especially those who staying in areas where season changing is taking place now.
Have a great day! Stay Blessed!


BeverLy's Secret said...

i'm feeling sick also these few days..

take care and get well soon..

johnnykiu.com said...

get well soon

Aleckii said...

Did you catch it from me or I caught it from you? My nose blocked until I had to breathe through mouth...

I'm taking brohmhexin now, mucolytics and some lozenges, the mucous are kind of thick, hard to cough out, means rhinitis entered mucous phase liao, means next stage is resolution liao, haha, should get better soon.

The weird thing is, I eat about 3, 4 oranges a day, if not also grapes, apples, etc. Definitely no short supplies of Vitamin C there.

joanne said...

try lemon with ketchup ... hehe
Indonesian traditional medicine...
get well soon :)

Raft3R said...

get well soon!
thanks 4 the visit.
once you link me up, lemme know
so i can return the favor
happy weekend!

Lee Chien said...

do take care of yourself yo.. :D

honey said...

get well soon...:)

Lynnwei said...

nvm...make sure u eat the oranges i brought! hahaha

BlueStar said...

Hi! Thanks all for your concerns! I'm feeling much more better now, after few days of sleeping =)

Take care too all, have a nice day! =D

BlueStar said...

Hi! Thanks all for your concerns! I'm feeling much more better now, after few days of sleeping =)

Take care too all, have a nice day! =D

AiDiSan said...

When you're not feeling well, have enough rest so you'll feel better right away. Take care & be healthy:)

Portia said...

take care,my friend!maybe u just have to take it easy also!our body needs to recharge.get well soon!