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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Bad Moon Rising

2Moons... Big Patch effective on 31 March 2008!

Ya, this is the latest update of 2Moons, the game which I've been playing for few months since last year. 'Bad Moon Rising' (BMR) is the patch we're waiting since last year december, and it finally comes true after few delays!
This is the biggest patch ever in 2Moons. The patch includes many updates and new changes. Here's the latest release news from Game Master in the forum:

___From The Historian

We have a lot to cover..
To all the new people and those of you strting fresh, you will find a number of changes to helpyou get started in game. Not only have the low level quests been reworked, the Maze of Newbies has been modified and you will find a new creature, the Akris, that will really help you get going.

Additionally there are now little bonuses when you meet milestone levels.
First start downloading!
Lvl 10
Megenta Candy

Lvl 20
Super Magic Health Potion – Mini Pack
Red Lollipop

Lvl 30
Fortress Map [rabble]
Cyan Candy

Lvl 40
Super Noble Health Potion – Mini Pack
Blue Lollipop

Lvl 50
Fortress Map [fear]
Portal Scroll 10

Lvl 60:
Super Divine Health Potion – Mini Pack
Experienced Battle 3
Red Heart
Blue Heart

So what else is new? Well the Cash Shop got a few new things:

Mounts just got better. It used to be a 28% boots to your speed but now it is 32% and of course there is a new mount.
The old cash shop mounts can now be upgraded, so go see the stable master in-game!
Don't fret if you don't want to purchase a mount from the cash shop you can always get one in-game with dil. Unless you want the new mount... for that you will have to collect some feathers, though none of these have as good of a speed boost as the cash shop mounts.

So we know it is a pain to stoop down and pick up all the goodies that the mobs drop.. and maybe you are really just after divine items. Well with teh help of a little pet you never have to worry about it again.

First you purchase an egg, once cracked the pet will stick with you for a month. Once the month is complete it will go back in to its shell to recover some strength. Man can those pets sleep! You will have to purchase a bell to wake them out of their shells, but the bells are a lot cheaper than the initial egg.

We have 2 new maps for you..

First up the Aquirai Ruins. For those of you near level 131 prepare yourselves for a harsh map.

Here is a a peek of the layout, you will have to get there and explore for yourself.

Your greatest challenge will be the Immortal. He only spawns once every 24 hours and should prove to be a trial for the greatest of our warriors. Don't think that he will be your only challenge though there are many new creatures to get through before you see him.

The Space of Pilgrimage.
You will need to work with the Incar knights to help build the Tower of Hope by donating supplies. Once it is open you will need to move through the Aquirai Ruins.

There're New Weapons and Armors too!

The skills are coming too.. look around at the major MMO sites.. you might find details out there.. soon... very soon.

Finally.. there are significant changes coming to the server side to help with the issues we've been seeing in game. Along with these changes will be a zero tolerance policy for Hackers and Bottters. If you are caught, you will be banned with no chance of ever getting the account back. You've been warned.

___ Approved by The Historian

Ha! What a big info from GM! I like all particularly the last sentences which claimed to have 0 tolerance policy for hackers and botters. I think this is the main hope for me and many other real legit players out there, to whether continue or leave the game. Hackers and botters are now most serious problems in this game. But unlike certain MMORPG I played before, Admin here cares much about what players say. I hope there's no more hackers along with implementation of this Big Patch!

well, I think most of the 2Moons fan have gotten this latest release right? Downloading link is available now in the forum. Check it out =)

Have fun!


lynnwei.com said...

wah..i dont understand what u are trying to say! ahaha...


levian said...

wow the game looks so interesting !! i love the part which they ride on animals, are those pets ??

BlueStar said...

ya Levian those are pets, after Big Patch, all of the players can have chance to control their pets =D pets are ued to increase the movement speed =D
Interested? Have a try then ^^

Hi LynnWei, hehe understand that you don't understand what I'm saying, it is all about the games =P... maybe should post it in the first place, haha =P

take care all, thanks for the comments! Have a nice day~

My Daily Thoughts said...

The video is interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing and for dropping by my site

Maya said...

Hi,a bit shy to admit but this game interest me and surely my eldest would love this too.Can it work with linux? please more info please.

Anonymous said...

Hi, umm can u tell me how to download the client...ive been looking for so long but i cant find anything! :P plz xD

tiborsho said...

is this Free 2 Play? xD
it look pretty cool. i wanna try..

im playing perfect world right now

BlueStar said...

sorry for the late reply guys! I'm kinda busy these few days as I mentioned in the latest post.

Ya, about the link for downloading client as well as the answer to tiborsho, I've shown it in the latest post on 'changes'! ^^

This is the game not only for teenagers but also many parents and elders are inside the game if you've played it before! =D
Have a try! But before this, read my recommendations in the latest post, would help you free from messing around! =)
Well, thanks all for the visit! I appreciate all the comments from you guys! Thanks again!!
Have a nice day!