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Monday, 7 April 2008


Hi to ALL! ya, I'm here again, not forgetting to update my blog although it has been quite some time I didn't update it =P

Well, I'm now having O'n'G cycle (Obestetric and Gynaecology). Thanks to the different teacher from last semester, this cycle is not as hectic as I thought. Apart from case-history taking, we've most of our time chit chat with each other. All different chatting topics can be found randomly here, we talk about everything, ranging from the most famour PRer Niny H. about her unique perspective of $$, to food and drinks, recent news in Malaysia, animals, dota, nick names, online games, hostel rumors, shifting to apartment, etc...blah blah... all kinds of topics except OnG-related topic =P
well, I do enjoy this time especially listening to those news or rumors in 5th hostel, since I'm the only one in my group staying in 4th hostel >.<
Yeah, Welcome back to Eddy S., who finally back rejoin our group =)

Maybe those who asking why I'm not here updating my news..well, I'm actually busy with other stuffs. 4th hostel cable renovation (click here to know more about this) is now reaching 7th floor, and I was busy helping my friends to move the stuffs in and out of the room between the floors. Thank God everything is getting almost done now after cleaning of the room for whole afternoon today. Apart from that, as you know (if you've read my previous post), it is now BMR event of 2Moons. Although not as crazy as some folks in the game, I do spend some of my time for that =)

Just my updates, wanna thanks to those who paying me visit from day to day, I really appreciate it ^^ take care all, c ya around~


johnnykiu.com said...

another 4 days of holidays

breezy said...

y la you mention about niny in the blog...ish...

Lynnwei said...

ahaha!! holidays? where got holidays!!! physchiatry exam bo!! ahahahah