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Tuesday, 1 April 2008


There're always some changes in our surroundings all the time, whether it's the good things or the unpleasant ones, sometimes we gotta accept and take it unconditionally. Different peoples have different reactions towards changes in their lives and therefore different outcomes ensue from the same changes. As we can see, for the same changes, some might react aggressively, some accept it quietly, while others with 'who cares?' manner will just ignore it.

I'm writing this because I notice that there're some changes taking place in my life here recently, especially on this very first day in April. Varying from significant degree to things that literally of no importance at all, these changes somehow affect me as well as the surrounding peoples. Few changes here include:

-- Transportation
My monthly expenses increase again due to increase in public transportation fees. Effective from this month onward, public bus fare increases from previously 6 rubs to 10 rubs..What a big difference!
Still remember when I first came to this place 5 years ago, the bus fare was only 3.5 rubs, and now it is almost triple! kinda burdening to use public bus now everyday but what to do..no other choices...
Anyway, it is still much more better than Moscow. In Moscow, public bus fare is 25 rubs per trip and for the metro-train it is 19 rubs per trip (cheapest transport). I think the price here will catch up sooner later if there's still no control over high inflation in this country.

-- Heavy Cycles
I've a very hectic timetable in April because of all heavy cycles dropped into this month. Well, yesterday was the first day of Therapy cycle, quite an interesting subject but it just takes too long time, which is almost double duration of normal class.
Good thing is that we're able to learn more things in this period of time, but each time after class, all of us are almost exhausted especially if there's another class or lecture follow by. After course of internal medicine, next cycle will be Obstetric and Gynaecology subject..another stressful and busy week to go..

-- Weather
Finally Spring comes! After weeks of great fluctuation of temperature, it is now eventually become more acceptable. Temperature ranged from 6-12 C this week. Personally I like the most this kind of weather =) not too hot or too cold, just nice and cooling ^^
But...today I saw for the first time in this year a mosquito in my room! Argh... you just can't imagine how terrible is the mosquitoes here! They are not only big in size but also in number and summer is their most active period that they can just make you an insomniac for the whole night!

-- Class Atmosphere
My group now is [11-1], of whom this 1 is still in Malaysia now. He is the one who smiles the most in the class no matter how boring the class is. He likes to joke around, creating a pleasant and wonderful atmosphere in our group.
Today we've Russian language class, the atmosphere was changed so significantly without his presence. All of us were so tired after therapy class and the atmosphere was so dull and weird. And for the first time ever, we'd such a boring and the longest russian class in this semester. You might not know how 'powerful' is his smile, that would otherwise not only makes teacher happy and euphoric, but also able to greatly shorten the duration of normal class!
We really miss this guy a lot especially his charming smiles that can bring so much 'advantages' to us (well, if you know what I mean hehe =P)
We're all waiting for you to come back to get started with a series of our planned activities. Group is not complete without you! Ya, I know you're reading this ^^
Hope to see you soon!

-- New Game experience
With my sharing about the games in previous post, I believe that you have already well-acknowledged of what are the changes in this game, which I've been playing since last year. 2Moons is a great MMORPG game that has recently undergone a big update called BMR patch (Bad Moon Rising). Ya, one of the visitors just leave a request for link to download the client. So, here it is.
Ya, answer especially to tiborsho - Yes, it's free to play! No month payment or hidden charge, unless you wanna spend on item mall for some extra equipments but it is your choice =)
One reminder: Make sure that you've signed up for the game before you can actually play it. Another restriction of this game is it has no longer allow new IP access from different countries since December last year, except for United States. To check it out more, it's good to visit 2Moons forum here.

And other minor changes here include my lifestyle, sleeping hours, etc...
How about you? ^^ I believe all of us experience changes every moment in our life. Well, no matter what the changes are, how big or small, I think we should take it as a challenge and face it optimistically.
Some changes might seem to be very unfavorable to you initially, but they might also turn out 360 degree anytime to give you an unexpected surprise, who knows right? =)

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tiborsho said...

Another restriction of this game is it has no longer allow new IP access from different countries since December last year, except for United States. - oh. i cant play the game coz im from the philippines. too bad.