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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Thanks to all Commentors!

Hi All!

First of all, a BIG THANKS to all of you who giving me opinions on how to make this blog better! I really appreciate all the suggestions given. I'm now planning to bring some big changes for my blog and it will be carried out step by step. It might take some time as I'm still a newbie in this area and I hope everything goes on fine =)

For the time being, I'm busy checking through all the names in my link list. It really takes time but I think it's worth it as I've found many faulty links, inaccessible web address and broken back-links. I'll make changes soon on for the link list once I finish this scanning.

And I'm sorry for no new updates these few days. I've just finished credit test on clinical pharmacology yesterday and today is the first day of tropical pathology cycle. I'm gonna be busy this whole week I guess...

Anyway, the blog will still be updated from time to time, so hope to see you around here often ^^
ohya, about the request of link changes, questions, etc in the chat box, Sorry for the delayed reply! I promise to reply as soon as possible once the link check is done.
Also, I'll make a 'Thank You' list sooner later, as a token of appreciation to those in contributing the ideas of changes in my blog, thanks again! =D

WIsh All of you A Nice Day!


BlogerFren said...

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Vera said...

i hope my suggestions helped you.
oh, here's a site that may help

Vera said...


it didn't show up straight, copy-paste it line by line in a new window.

Ampirex said...

Hi man,

How ya doin? Your blog seems cool, still got a lot visitors, ain't that so? Haha, keep up the good work by posting nice stuff. I'll check ya out later again.

See ya!

Orange said...

personally i think is gud to have a pop up window for comment ;)

Tricia said...

hi there! happy weekend! got a rose for you... check it out

JeFf & NoVa said...

hi.... thats okay if you need help or edit please dont hesitate to give me a buzz.. im just one click away. and for you to reach me...

please edit my url here into my new domain which is www.supernovachron.com

thank you so much