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Monday, 14 April 2008

The Day

IT is the first day of clinical pharmocology cycle today. This cycle will last for 1 and the half week. Nothing special with any other cycles except we all got 'pawned' by lecturer on the very first day itself due to some mistakes we did during the class. Well, it has been quite a long time we didn't get such a big bomb' and instead of being mad and down, we'd different feels most probably of slight 'excitement and refreshing' =p

And also we'd final exam on psychiatry subject today after the class of clinical pharmacology. Nothing much to say about this exam, one thing good is we can have it done before the semester ends. I was kinda tired after coming back to hostel and had a over-time nap till forgot the time for ping pong training session... >.<

Not a good feeling day. Something wrong with my stomach in the afternoon and continues till now, probably problem of the food I've taken... having few times diarrhoe and slight weakness ensues =(
Weather changes again abruptly today, no idea what's the exact temperature today, but it's probably around 4-6 C... still not that bad for me, but the strong wind is killing...

Just a simple day of mine...

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