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Tuesday, 15 April 2008


One of the most common and famous local food in this little town is called 'sharvama' (in Russian) It is a mix of grilled pork pieces, Korean preservative carrot, mushroom, spring onions, and sometimes French fries or cabbage stripes, together with tomato sauce and mayonnaise, wrapped in a skin(made of flour, well..no idea what it called exactly =p) It is of 2 types, Sharvama lavash(in flour skin) and sharvama butke(in bread).

Ya, it is very similar to the one we've known -- Kebab. Maybe it is originated from kebab, just the people here modify the content and call it 'sharvama'. However, they are not the same, coz kebab has different ingredients and most of them are wrapped with bread. In this town, Kebab is sold at high class food court and restaurant while ppl can buy 'sharvama' from food stall in the market or by the roadside.

It is very delicious and tasty, very tempting food especially if you're hungry. Although the price rises up again last semester, from 30 Rub to 50 Rub (about Rm 7) per piece, but it is still a good choice of meal since eating other outside food here is probably double or triple the price of this (see here for more) I like it very much, so do my groupmates and other ppl here =)

This is one of the most famous sharvama stall, situated at the end corner near the entrance of the market. It gains better reputation over other sharvama stalls because of its special ingredients and spices used in making it. You can smell it from miles away.. ^^

Look at the grilled pork, they look so delicious and smell good!
We'd just ordered 4 sharvamas (me, Eddy, Kelvin and Liew) and this russian lady was busy preparing for it. Just in less than 5 minutes time, we'd our sharvama ready to be taken =D

Ya, one of the sharvama we'd ordered. The shot is not that good pretty much due to the cold windy weather making my hands shivering =s

A must-to-try food if you've chance to visit any part of Russia =)


Lynnwei said...

ahaha...it's been a long time since i ate the sharvama in rinak. i think tmr u have to bring me there to eat!! ^^

BRY said...

hello.... visit my flour birthday~ hahahaha..

blanne said...

i think we also have something like that in the Philippines and we call it shawarma.. :)

shuhow said...

nice lavash

Maya said...

here, it's like a kebab (turkish naman)