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Sunday, 13 April 2008

World Tallest Skyscraper!

Once in the past when I was still a school kid, I'm so proud of Malaysia's Petronas Twin Tower, which was the world tallest building during that time when it finally finished its construction in 1998.

But now it's no more the tallest building. With the advanced technology and descent creativity of mankind, more and more countries compete to construct a more unique and taller building in the world. Taipei 101 Tower has taken over the world record to be the tallest building in 2004. It is 504m in height over KL petronas Tower which is 452m.

Yet after all I'm sure no one can beat this ones... sooner later in this year, it will be the tallest ever skyscraper in the history of the world...Just imagine, it is almost double the height of KL twin tower!
--> The Burj Dubai.

Compare the top 5 in the world! KL Twin Tower is now World 3rd.
(Credited to BurjDubaiskyscraper.com)

View over the construction site. It is planned to be accomplished soon in the end of this year! No one knows yet its exact height, but estimated to be around 850m!

Just Great and Magnificent! The yet-to-be World Tallest skyscraper!

Amazing right? I found this when I search through the interesting places in Dubai as I might have a chance to pay a visit there if my flight transition period is too long. There's a lot of interesting and wonderful places in Dubai, and quite a number of them claimed to be the 'World Most' and 'World Best'!

Well, I'll look for more info and share with you all when I confirm my trip over there =D


Aleckii said...

In the incessant need for human being to boast and brag about what they have, people sometimes forget about other aspects, like safety, like preparing for natural disasters, etc.

These 'amazing architectural feats' are nothing but targets for terrorist attacks and others. One conflict with ANY country in the world or any person, you are at risk to such thing. Do you seriously want to build something like that, so obvious and so significant, sticking up like a sore thumb?

AiDiSan said...

I joined my daughter during their field trip last February and part of the itinerary is to explore Science Discovery in SM Mall of Asia. In the said place, tallest buildings/skycrapers are shown to kids & visitors and you're right, Dubai is currently constructing the tallest skycraper in the world.

My hubby used to work in Dubai but he now transferred in Qatar. He said Dubai is a lot beautiful than Qatar 'coz it has become a tourist spot and you will see the richest people having a good time there.

shimumsy said...

wow, that building is the closest to heaven now. wish i could see it one day.

Lynnwei said...

remind me of the tower of babel. the people tried to build to reach to the heavens...

anyway, dubai is really nice, i do hope i get to go there next summer. or maybe visit doha! kekeke!

Beth said...

WOW, these towers are beautiful !

Jona said...

hope everything's fine with you.
i have a tag for you http://jonathinks.blogspot.com/2008/04/world-wide-link-love.html