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Thursday, 3 April 2008

BMR event!

Updating news for 2Moons players! ^^
Ya, is Bad Moon Rising event, in conjuction with the latest patch release, 2Moons has announced a series of events! I've found this in the latest news release, and I believe it's just a part of it, not all! ^^

To know more, please check it out in the forum. Hehe, maybe some of you might wonder why I shared this here, actually just wanna to let more players know about it, if there's any here, because some of the players never check forum for any latest news and always miss such a great and rare event!

The 2x event is only last for 1 week! Starting from April 4 to April 11. So grab this chance to power up your character. Time and events are stated below, and I'm really envy those newbies for the new level milestone gift! Most of them are item mall stuffs, and it's just nice to have them!

Hmm... ya, I'd received this question from a friend here, asking about IP block in certain countries. Well, it's true that this game has limited all the IP from other countries other than US and Canada I guess. Try to check it out more in the link to forum, as provided in my previous post. Ya, you can still register, but just can't log in the game. For some who know how to deal with proxy, can have a try of it, it might work! ^^
For those who wanna try this game out but failed due to IP restriction, here is another good news! Dekaron EU has set up exactly another server exclusively for EU players! Try to google it for more info, so far as I know, they are having closed-beta testing now, it's a great time to get yourself familiar with the game, the chance too good to be missed! =P

Well, so here are the news!

-- Experience Point/Drop Rate Boost
Earn 2x experience points and item drop rates during these event times. *The amount of XP/Drop rate boost on Wed will be a surprise!
11am – 1pm PDT
7pm – 9pm PDT

-- Treasure Chest Drop
GMs will drop treasure chests around the specified maps. Find the treasure chests to win special prizes inside!
2pm – 4pm PST
Maps: Denebe, Parca and Draco

-- Level Up Event
Increase your character’s level to earn special rewards for reaching the various level milestones!

Level 10 prize
DIL –100K
Level 20 prize
Magic Health pack-B
Level 30 prize
Noble Health Pack-B
Level 40 prize
Divine Health Pack-B
Level 50 prize
Trieste Water-A
Level 60 prize
Soul of Alchemist 5EA, Trieste water-A, Abaddon Powder-A

- GM Showcase
Meet the GMs to see some of the game’s special high level content! GMs will meet with players at scheduled times and locations to showcase various special gear, weapons, items, and high level monsters. GMs will also be allowed to PvP during this event to show high level skills.

-- Bug Hunting Event
Submit screenshots of any game bugs or text errors to 2mbugs@acclaim.com. Prizes will be awarded to the players who submit the most bugs, the most significant bugs, and randomly for lucky bug reporters.

-- Random Drawing
All players who played during the events will be eligible to win prizes in a random drawing. Prizes include Veteran’s Amulets, Health and Mana Packs, Pets, and more!

-- Hunt the Creatures of God
Special unique items will be dropped when you hunt and kill the creature “Akris” wandering throughout various maps.

-- Contribution Event
Players need to contribute a certain number of vouchers to open the gateways to the new high level maps. Every player on the server needs to cooperate to open the maps. The number of vouchers needed will be displayed as a percentage in the game.

Just sharing out for some gamers around! =D
Have a great time!