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Friday, 29 February 2008

Trip to Malaysia Embassy in Moscow

It was not a holiday or any vacation, just a trip to Malaysian Embassy in Moscow for the purpose of passport renewal. The due date for the passport is on July 08..yes 6 months still, but because of this, visa validity will be effective till July as well and this is a problem coz our summer holidays last 2 months till Sep, so needa extend its validity till that time.

Well, this is not the first time I visited Moscow, i'm quite familiar with its local transport system and metro-lines. But still there's a tricky part, which is to find the location of the embassy. The address itself doesn't provide any clear route as there's no direct link way to any metro station. It is always a difficulty for non-local students to find out the exact location.

Thanks to Kenny from M2 for providing the useful information about the way to Embassy. For those who has encountered the same problem or confuse with the location of Malaysian Embassy, here are some options and useful information :)

Address : Mosfilmovskaya Ulitsa 50
117192 Moscow
Russian Federation
Telephone : +7495 1471512, +7495 1471514, +7495 1471523
Fax : +7495 9379602
Email : malmoscow@kln.gov.my
GMT : +4 (Daylight Saving Time), +5 Winter
Work day : Monday - Friday (9.00 am - 5.00 pm)
Holiday : Saturday and Sunday and *other official holidays.

*other official holidays? ya, check this, here is the link I've found:

It is, however, important to call to embassy to confirm whether they're working or not on the date you plan to visit, especially if you're from other regions. As for me, I did mistake on the first visit which was a day-off..ended up staying overnight in Moscow's airport =(

All routes I gonna share here take start from Kuskaya intercity train station.
1 -- From Kuskaya station, take a public cab and show the driver the address. (However not all drivers know the way! So ask before you get in =)) Recommended for rich ppl only, not me for sure =p it's costly, I dont know exact price but you may have with you at least 2000 Rub!

2 -- From Kuskaya station, go to Kuskaya metro (which is directly located beside Kuskaya train station). From there, take metro N3 (blue line) to Kievskaya metro station. When you reach Kievskaya metrostation, come out from the station and you'l find many public buses right in front of the metro building. Take any bus which has 'Mosfilmovskaya Dom50' written on routeboard near the bus entrance. It is better to ask local ppl at which station you need to go down. But it is ok if you choose not to ask. Just have to sit on the right seat near window so that you can clearly see everything outside. It takes about 10 min. (Dont follow the route line shown in the bus, it's not correct and misleading!) Right before the stop, you can see a green petro-station on your right side and there's a traffic light before the stop. Go down at here and walk straight down the street where you can find huge German Embassy (Brown Building) on the left side and to the right side, you can find Austria Embassy. Malaysian Embassy is situated behind German Embassy. Most economic way, whcih costs less than 100 rub per trip.

3 -- From Kuskaya station, Take metro to University metrostation (Red Line, N1) From there, take either bus or tram (with route to Mosfilmovskaya Ulitsa/Dom 50) Again, the most important landmark is the green petro-station and German Embassy. In this case, the petro-station and German Embassy will be located opposite the road on your left side.

I chose 2nd option and it's really easy to find it. 3rd Option is nearer to Embassy from said metrostation, but take longer time for metro to reach there.
Anyone who wanna know more about this, I can share with you more detail. Just add me in Msn at 2mstar@live.com =)


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