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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I'm BACK!!

Hi All!! I'm BACK!! :D
Back to my lovely bed, my games, my study, my normal life...as well as here my blog! =)
Actually I was back few days ago from the winter trip, just too tired and busy to get to here as many things got to be done. Right after I came back from Moscow, I got to return back my visa to OVIR department ASAP as it has been stated that any student who arrives this country has to issue related documents and register with the authority within 3 days upon arrival or would otherwise liable to a fine of 5000rub! (more than half of my monthly expenses =s)
Other than that, unpacking my backpack and things which I bought from Ikea took me some time and of coz before all these, sleep is most important! =p

About the trip..ya, a tired and yet wonderful trip! It was a 10-day trip covering 3 big cities -Berlin, Prague and Moscow. I'd 6 days great memorable trip in Berlin, 3 and the half day in Prague, and 2 days spent in Moscow. It was a 8 ppl trip and we settled down most of the time in local hostel except 2 nights before coming back -a night in 24-hours MacDonald and another in Moscow airport.

I still haven't got time to arrange all the photos taken during this trip. (btw, they're still in my memory stick =p) Anyway, I'll share with u all the trip from day to day once I've collected and organised everything. And to my sis Hee, if you drop by here, share my experience of this trip to pa, ma and others =) Also thanks to my ex-roomate Andrew, for taking care of my comp during the trip ^^

Well, is time to make a thoroughly clean up of my messy room. Btw, new semester started this week and my first cycle is ptysiopulmonary course (weird when I first heard about this term, only now I found it is actually a subject related all to Tuberculosis). Something really interesting about the location of this hospital which I'd like to share with you all in next post. It's just like an isolated hospital hidden in a quiet remote area, you'll definitely lost if there's no guide from others!

Hope to hear from you all again. Ya, my belated wishes to all out there celebrating Chinese New year: Happy CHY!!
(guess wat, no celebration of CNY for me this year...how pity i'm to stay in Moscow airport during CNY' eve >.<)


Lynnwei said...

i miss my bed too!!!


so nice if forever can holiday! ahhaha...

Apple said...

Welcome back. And about the "hidden hospital", I saw Johnny mentioned about it in his post. ^^ Take your time to arrange your things and share your trip.

Eddy said...

at last that this pig is back, its time to update your blog dude, and post pics on your trip
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Lee Chien said...

i ever spent my CNY's eve at KLIA also.. =(

anyway, happy valentine's day in advance.. :D

shoohao said...

Nice having you back,why no chatbox 1??cos i lazy comment here la..and some more need word verification,u make people's life miserable la,,,,
Come check my blog,,i did post ur photo up at my site!!

Aleckii said...

Not that unknown anymore. Eddy leaked to me one! Go blame him, haha!

Yea, my Chinese New Year wasn't much of a celebration too. At least you had a companion with you in Domodedovo, I was in a train heading to Kursk... alone... sad...

Ivy Ting HH said...

hi..just trying how to leave comments.. =S

Ivy Ting HH said...

Hi,bro.. just reading ur blog now cos during CNY busy getting ang pao and no time to online mah..hahahaaa.. =P How's the feeling over9 in McD? hehee.. =)i believed that u'd a enjoyable and wonderful trip right? so now must kampaiteh study ya.. send my regards to Esther.. God bless ^^