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Thursday 8 May 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday was the last day of surgery cycle. Unlike other boring days, we'd chance to see an operation - Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy - which is a surgical removal of gallbladder through a small incision on abdomen and manipulated by insertion of fine surgical instruments and a small video camera.
Patient's abdomen was inflated with carbon dioxide and the whole operation is carried out under a video monitor in front of the patient. It took hours for this operation as some gall stones were dispersed during removal of gall bladder. Indeed, it is not easy to be a surgeon, who requires great patience and good skills, as well as strength.

Today is the first day of new cycle - extreme medicine. This course is taken place at traumatology department in one of the farthest hospital from my hostel, which takes about 1 hour by public bus. The whole cycle lasts for 1 week and it's relatively relaxing course compared to others.

Tomorrow will be public holiday here for a memorable called Victory Day. This day has a very significant meaning for all the people living here. Every 9 May, they celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany, while remembering those who fell in order to achieve it.
9 May was chosen, since in the night from 8th to 9th 1945 the German military surrendered to the Soviet Union and its Allies in Berlin (Karlshorst). For people in Russia this happened on the 9th (time change).
As usual, a grand military parade will be held in Moscow as well as other regions to celebrate the day. There will be a small celebration here in Kursk also according to the news released, which will take place at Memorial Park, a 5-min walking distance from my hostel... maybe I should take this chance to snap few pictures on spot ^^

Have a nice day to all, and to those who celebrate Victory day, enjoy your holiday! =)

Monday 5 May 2008

Links Update!

Hi All!

Taking a long break here since last post =P
Actually, I'm not having break, instead, busy with other things. I'm sorry for no update lately but really much more things yet to be done here, both academically and non-academic aspects. I'll reschedule my timetable to make it able for me to spend time equally in each aspect. Just wanna shout out loudly - 24 hours in a day is just not enough for me!!

Ya, here is an update for my blog. As you can see, there's no more links displayed on the main page. I've replaced it with a hyperlink, and removed this long list of links.
Thanks for this suggestion given by my fellow bloggermates. Ya, I admit that it makes my blog messy and untidy with such a long list, and the most important thing is it causes inconvenience as visitors have to roll down the list before they could find my chat box.

I've moved all the links (MyLink1 and MyLink2) to another page. (Click here for it)
I'm pretty sure that all the existed links in my blog are included in this page. However, I still need you to check it out once more time, to make sure that your link is correct and no broken. So please check it out and just leave me a message on that page, if there's any mistake.

Have a nice day! Stay cool ^^

*P/s: Both pages of link lists are labelled with 'Link' at Labels on the right sidebar, under blog achieve. Just click there to find out both MyLink1 and MyLink2. Thanks!

Thursday 1 May 2008

Labour Day

Happy Holiday!

Today 1/5 is labour day! I’m sure all of us have a day-off, or if not at least will get a doubled or even tripled-paid for your work today =)

For me, I’ve 2 days holiday here, Thursday and Friday. Good thing is many activities can be carried out on Thursday as the day follows is holiday. However, we’ve actually to ‘pay’ for this, because there will be no holiday on this weekend – meaning we’ve class on Saturday and Sunday! argh… can’t enjoy in this weekend =(
Anyway, I heard from my friends that there will be 2 days-off again next week. What a good news! ^^

I believe that many of us have plans in our mind where to go, what to do, especially in this public holiday. It’s a great time to have gathering with friends and family, party, BBQ, picnic, a day-trip or some might prefer to just stay at home, lying down relaxingly and watch movies for the whole day =)

I wish all of you Have a Nice time! Enjoy the holiday! ^^

*Supposed to post this on the day itself, somehow just forgot to do it... =p

Wednesday 30 April 2008

Thank You!

Hi All! I'm back the blogging world after having a few days break =P Nothing special event, just simply get myself out from here for a while and hope to get some 'fresh' ideas of changing my blog =)

So, first of all, I want to thank all those who gave me some tips and suggestion. Just wanna shout out loudly that your opinion is much appreciated! As I've promised, here is a THANK YOU list ^^

My Daily Thought
little pooh
vera (Thanks for the link! that template is really cool, will take into consideration! =D)
Perfumes (your post has been removed, couldn't get your link)
Jeff & Nova
Last but not least! also all those who posted your ideas in the chat box too!

Thanks again for your comment and time. This post is specially devoted as a token of appreciation to all who helped me out here. As the changing is taking place step by step, your opinion is still welcome!

Wish you all Have a nice day!

Sunday 27 April 2008

Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday for Orthodox churches here in this country. I didn't really know about it until I saw something in the supermarket here yesterday. I went to bread corner to grab something for tomorrow's breakfast but it has nothing except...

Ya, only Easter cake! Looks like muffins with sugar cream as its topping.
It's very common for ppl here to buy this cake during this celebration. It has different sizes and shapes, but they're basically all the same in taste. Easter cake can be found in almost all food stalls along the street. Well, I've no idea why is this cake so popular here...maybe it has certain meaning behind? or just merely a symbolized food for Easter's day.

Still remember that I'd one post about Easter's celebration last month, and someone might wonder why is it again once more Easter celebration here. Well, ya we've 2 Easter's Sunday here, one is for Western countries (on 23 of March) and today's one (27 of April) is for Orthodox, where most Russians here are celebrating it.

I bought a small one since there's no other choice =p
The taste is still ok and it has raisins in it...just I don't really like its creamy topping, too sweet! >.<